Why It’s Better to Workout with a Group

Omaha Barbell- Workout with a Group!

Motivation is of great benefit for those of us who have a hard time jumping out of bed in the early morning, especially the night owls. A great way to break the cycle of finding it hard to hit the ground running, is to work out in a group or at your local Omaha gym such as Omaha Barbell (OBGYM), as they see their gym members as family. Let’s face it, having a person or a group holding you accountable is the best way to make sure you show up, strive for more and apply yourself to your fitness goals.

When the ups and downs of everyday life take their toll on you, groups have a way of re-energizing you, especially if your group makes it their mission to support your goals. The motivation doesn’t stop with getting out of bed, but continues on to help you improve your overall level of strength.

How Omaha Barbell’s atmosphere is different

At Omaha Barbell, we have Omaha residents that select to join our gym as we offer the best equipment and our members rock! You read that right! We love to brag about our gym members and our drop-ins. The majority of our members know that a friendly smile or being social, while being respectful of others workouts makes a huge difference in the atmosphere of a gym. Several of our members at Omaha Barbell (OBGYM) make it a habit to show up at the same time every day so that they can motivate each other by their presence. Some people are motivated by watching someone they look up to meeting and exceeding personal strength goals. Other times, some gym members find the true motivation by creating a healthy competition with another gym member.

Why accountability is important

Be honest with yourself. Would you be more motivated if you didn’t want to disappoint everyone in your group, or your strength or weight loss mentor? Working out in groups or having someone who you are required to report to offers a huge benefit for accountability. When setting a weight loss or strength goal, it is natural to be excited when first starting the plan. After a few weeks you might find that you hit a rut of forgetting why you started the goal in the first place. Creating strong relationships with other gym members can provide you a level of trust and accountability to ensure you show up and push yourself to the max. It is human to have a fear of letting others down. Use this as a great motivator to achieve your goals. Remember, the key to success in anything is persistence.

Come on down to Omaha Barbell

Inside Omaha Barbell, you’ll never feel out of place or uncomfortable. We want you to achieve results, whatever that takes. Whether you’re a powerlifter with aspirations of competing or an athlete looking to outperform your competitors, Omaha Barbell can help you achieve your goals. Call us anytime at (402) 594-4485 to schedule an appointment; we’d love to show you why we’re the best.

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