Which is More Important – Diet or Exercise?

diet-or-exercise_OmahaBarbellAs a personal trainer, I get asked this question quite often. Whether your goal is simply to get back into shape or to lose some weight, at Omaha Barbell, we believe diet and exercise are both important. One of the keys to effectively losing weight is keeping it off. Dieting has proven to be more beneficial at shedding the initial pounds, whereas exercise, such as strength training, plays an important role in keeping it off long-term.

In a perfect world, everyone would eat the healthiest meals possible and hit the treadmill and/or free weights whenever we wanted. Unfortunately, most of us have hectic schedules which won’t allow for that. Whether diet or exercise is more important depends on where you’re at in your fitness goals, because quite simply, both are very important.

Are you looking to lose weight?

If you’re on a personal quest to lose weight, you’ll need to consume fewer calories than what you work off, but exercise alone is not an effective approach. Several Omaha Barbell members have found success in losing weight by breaking bad habits with food. For example; If you’re a stress eater, learn the triggers that cause you to want to eat the whole bag of Oreos when you are feeling overwhelmed. This will help you conquer and say no to the habit of self-sabotage.

Avoid fad diets by eating a clean and balanced diet all the time

At Omaha Barbell, we encourage our gym members to learn how to eat well, steer clear of the fad diets and never starve yourself to lose those extra pounds. Everyone’s body is different, with varying metabolism speed and genetic makeup. Ladies especially. There is no such thing as a miracle pill or program. Those diet fads that state they offer the best diet for everyone across the board are full of crap.

Learning healthy eating habits and applying them is important, as your body burns off a certain amount of calories every day. Ultimately, if you eat foods that are exceedingly high in calories, it’ll be that much harder to burn them all off. Basically, to lose just one pound (caloric weight), you’ll have to perform some form of cardio exercise nearly seven hours a week. Remember, unless you’re an athlete or have some other reason to bulk up, your diet should be structured to remain within recommended caloric guidelines.

Omaha barbell gym member favorite tip: Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and cut back on your sugar and sodium intake. Substituting water for soda can actually help some women lose nearly a pound each week!

Diet and exercise go hand-in-hand

If you have some doubts or questions about structuring a diet that will work for you, consult with an Omaha nutritionist. Let’s face it, there is a lot of information out there regarding what is considered healthy or not. Tapping into a professional that knows and understands what foods are best for our body can help you consistently see results.

Nutritionists know having a healthy relationship between diet and exercise is exceptionally important as they work hand-in-hand when it comes to weight loss. Basically, you can exercise like a maniac and be wicked strong, however, if you eat crap food you could stack on the pounds or possibly not meet your optimal level of strength.

As mentioned in our article “Why it’s Better to Work Out in a Group”, this can be another resource to hold you accountable. Always remember, your end goal should be to stay healthy. Get in the habit of eating well, and exercise regularly – always listening to your body. Together, diet and exercise shape your long-term mental and physical health.

Come on down to Omaha Barbell

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