Take your Omaha Fitness Training to the Next Level

Omaha Fitness Training_Omaha BarbellOkay, you go to the gym 3-4 times a week for 30-45 minutes a day, but you don’t feel excited after you’re finished and you don’t feel like you’re seeing results anymore. You’re going more out of habit than anything else. Here at Omaha Barbell, we sometimes have this sort of mindset as well—we have to back away and reset so we can get back to feeling great!

In our last blog we talked about getting out of the workout rut, but now let’s take your workout to the next level! How, you ask? Our Omaha fitness training experts are here to tell you just that. Follow along below to find out more about getting over that workout hump.

Choose Your Omaha Fitness Training Schedule in Advance

First things first, several of our gym members start each workout session with a ten minute quiet time. They don’t do anything else except breathe and put aside all the stress of the day. Often times, they’re accompanied with their favorite songs or music tracks. Then, they get ready to work their butts off and feel great afterward!

Second, figuring out what your workout is each day is imperative to not feeling ho-hum about it. Remember, as Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” Have a solid game plan on what you’ll be performing. For instance, a leg workout may not be your favorite workout, so do it in the beginning of the week–1) you get it over with and 2) your legs will lose that soreness by the time the weekend rolls around!

Quality Over Quantity Every Time

You can use all the weight you want when you’re doing 100 lunges with the free weights we offer at Omaha Barbell, but if you’re doing it wrong then what difference does it make? Always choose doing fewer lunges with less weight as long as you’re doing it right. Every time, quality over quantity. Depending on the day, how stressed you are, or how much sleep you’ve had, you may not feel up to working out as intensely as other days. That’s completely fine; however, it’s not okay to be lazy! You know what you can handle, so listen to your body to tell you what you need.

Note: If you’re in a time crunch, don’t cut out certain exercises from your workout, instead cut down on sets. This strategy won’t affect your end results.

Grab a Partner, Dosey Doe

We aren’t square dancing, but isn’t everything better when you have a partner in crime? Same goes when you’re working out. A workout partner can push you past the usual limits and help you hit goals you wouldn’t hit otherwise. This is because people tend to show off or be competitive when someone else is with them.

In order to avoid the complacent lull of an Omaha fitness training routine, you should also give you and your partner a break once in a while. For two weeks, increase your weights and intensity, then take a rest week (this doesn’t mean avoiding the gym altogether, just train less intensely). Then start back up with the intensity level the following week. You’ll begin to see results beyond what you were doing before!

Don’t do it halfway—you might as well be all in or not at all!

Note: If you’re experiencing pain, it’s okay to scale back the workouts and take some time off so you don’t hurt yourself further.

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Our Omaha health training experts want to help you get out of your workout rut and push yourself to the next level. Call us today at (402) 594-4485 to take a tour of our gym and join the best gym members in Omaha!

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