Why We Recommend Weight Training (Strength Training)

Weight Training_ Omaha BarbellLadies, if you’re goal is to get skinny-mini before the summer arrives, our strength trainers at Omaha Barbell have some great news for you. You don’t have to turn to cardio! Instead, try weight training. If you’re new to the term “weight training”–have no fear, we’ve got you covered! Essentially, weight training is a form of exercise, also known as strength training, that uses certain exercises focused on building muscle. In most cases, you’ll use gym equipment, such as free weights or exercise machines.

At Omaha Barbell, we offer those resources for our Omaha gym members. In addition to using professional equipment, we believe another great tool is using your own body when strength training. Think of a one handed, one foot push up! Yep, that’s the hardcover exercises we recommend when using your natural weight as a tool.

You Will Become Physically Stronger

When performing a program like strength training you’ll find that you become stronger and faster compared to using a plain ol’ exercise routine, such as light weight with high reps. Ladies, we hope you’re paying attention!

With a weight training program, you can easily increase your strength by 30- 50%. You might be asking yourself, “why do I need to become stronger?” The answer is simple: you’ll feel better about yourself. You might even find that everyday tasks will be easier, like carrying the kids, groceries, or laundry baskets.

You Will Lose Body Fat

At Omaha Barbell, when our Omaha gym members are looking to lose weight they’ll usually go for the treadmill or stair stepper. We realize there are many cardio lovers out there. We suggest to keep doing your cardio if it makes you happy, after all, the main goal is to get moving! However, we’d recommend every one of you ladies to give a strength training program a shot over cardio. Some gym members prefer to perform cardio as it helps their minds shut down. However, the major benefit of weight training (strength training) is that you’ll burn more calories for a longer duration, essentially burning more calories all day long!

You Will Improve Your Attitude

Ladies, this especially applies to you–as you build and increase your strength you’ll carry yourself in a more confident way. This is a huge benefit of a strength training program. You’ll stand up straighter, handle stress easier, and let the small stuff roll off. At Omaha Barbell, our gym members will see substantial progress with a 8 to 10 week strength training program.

Remember, be sure to track your progress as you go–this includes exercise, weight, sets and don’t forget PRs.

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If you’re fitness goal is to lose weight, become toned, or gain strength, our Omaha gym will be the perfect fit for you to get in shape. As the #1 Gym in Omaha, we love our gym members! We enjoy providing explanation on types of weight training, muscles targeted, benefits, and FAQs. If you have a specific question or want to tour Omaha Barbell give us a call (402) 594-4485 or just stop by.

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