What to Pack in an Omaha Barbell Health Fitness Gym Bag

Health Fitness_Omaha BarbellHave you ever packed a gym bag before you headed off for work so you can go straight to Omaha Barbell for your workout at 5 o’clock, only to realize you forgot the most important item—shoes?

This situation has happened to many of us, maybe more than once, because each day you go to the gym you may need different items. That’s why at Omaha Barbell our health fitness experts are here to give you some guidelines on what to pack into your bag. We’ve thought of everything, from fuel for your body to necessary equipment, as well as things like your tunes to keep you motivated!

Read on as our health fitness team at Omaha Barbell goes through what to stuff into your gym bag. You can refer to our list before every workout, so you’re never left at the gym without any shoes!

Items to Pack in Your Omaha Gym Bag

When packing your gym bag, the first items that you’ll want to make absolutely sure you have are actual gym clothes and shoes (as stated above)–after all, you don’t want to be working out in your work pants and shoes, do you?

In addition, you’ll probably want to add a change of clothes, too, so you can shower and go home feeling refreshed.

Note: While we keep our gym bathrooms as clean as possible, it’s recommended to pack flip flops for the shower.

Workout Fuel for Health Fitness

Next up in the Omaha gym bag is equipment you’ll need. For example, your Fitbit or odometer, lifting gloves, or anything else you’ll be using that day. That being said, don’t forget a place to put your ID. An ID holder is small and easy to carry around, but it’s just big enough to hold the essentials—driver’s license, gym membership card, and money for our great MusclePharm products like Fitmiss Burn!

Here at Omaha Barbell, our health fitness experts want you to remember to drink plenty of water and bring any snacks you might want before, during, or after your workout. If you forget them, that’s not a problem, because our fitness experts at Omaha Barbell sell drinks and bars for those that need them. We definitely recommend the MusclePharm products we stock over any store brand as they are specially formulated to deliver the nutrients your body needs after a tough workout.

Tunes, First Aid Items, and Post-Workout Stuff

Don’t forget to bring along some tunes to pump up your health fitness workout. If you don’t feel like carrying around an armband with your iPod, we always have motivational tunes playing over our speakers.

Some extras to include in your Omaha gym bag are a few first aid items, like antibacterial cream and band-aids. Also, bring along any items you’ll need after you leave the gym, like books or work stuff, just in case you have to go back to the office instead of going home right away.

Contact Omaha Barbell at (402) 594-4485

We here at Omaha Barbell want you to reach your fitness goals with us. We know we are the perfect “fit” for anyone, if you haven’t checked us out yet, come tour our gym today or call us for any questions you have at (402) 594-4485.

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