Omaha Workout Experts Discuss Getting Out of that Workout Rut

Omaha Workout Experts_OmahaBarbellHere at Omaha Barbell, the #1 gym in Omaha, we understand that you can get into a workout rut–doing the same thing every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday can become taxing and boring, causing you to feel even worse after your workout instead of rejuvenated. Our Omaha workout experts can help! At Omaha Barbell, we believe if you’re stuck in a rut you need to change up your routine! The way to build muscle or strength is to confuse your muscles. You should be constantly changing your workout routines so you’re not doing the same thing each day, week or several weeks in a row. If you’re getting bored, your muscles are too, and you probably won’t be putting in as much effort as you would otherwise.

As mentioned above, your may work out each week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. How often you work out should be based on what your ultimate goal is. If you want to lose weight or build strength, we at Omaha Barbell recommend that you perform a strength training workout every other day. Why every other day? Your body needs time to recover from the exertion you put it through during your workouts, so having a rest day in between your workouts is imperative to see the results you want.

Oftentimes you could work out every day, but again, this is based on your body, goals, and current health. At Omaha Barbell, we recommend for you to get moving in any case. Working out 20 to 30 minutes a few times a week will help you see results. Work out at a safe routine so it sticks. There’s nothing worse than starting a weight loss or strength program and getting burnt out right out of the gate. Also remember, working out too often could result in injuries!

Do Something New – Interval Workouts

If you’ve been nonchalantly walking on the treadmill for the last year reading the latest novel on your Kindle, put the book down! You need to remember that your body will adapt to your workouts. For example, if you’ve been performing the same speed for long periods of time, the cardio will not be as effective, as your body expects you to perform that activity. Several of our Omaha gym members simply love the “run 30 seconds, rest for 1 minute” routine, and perform it for a 10 minute period. Give it a shot and see how you do. Remember to change it up and maybe next time try to run for 1 minute and rest for 30 seconds.

Everything in Moderation

When starting a new workout, or if you have been performing the same routine for quite some time, remember, you can get burned out from working out too much. If you experience fatigue, loss of appetite, or have a recurring injury– take it easy for awhile as you may be overdoing it with your workout intensity. Also, if you’re feeling burnt out, our Omaha workout experts recommend taking a week off. If you think you’ll miss us, don’t worry! You can still come in and enjoy the other great aspects we have to offer, like some light cardio or great conversation.

To Avoid Burnout Accept What You Cannot Change

At Omaha Barbell, we realize the immediate goal with working out is to increase your numbers. This could be your running time, your deadlift, your push up count, or multiple other areas. We believe in setting a goal, and having that in mind is a great start. An area you do need to keep in the back of your mind is that you might find that you max out at a certain area for a while, or you may not be able to accomplish the goal you’ve set.

Many people tend to get burnt out if their running time, weight lifting pounds, or the inches on their waist stay stagnant no matter what they do. Remember, everyone’s body is different, so don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Bodies change, and while that’s not necessarily good or bad, you’ll have to learn to adapt and find out what works for you. Our fitness team wants you to enjoy your workout and we’ll do everything we can to make sure you do. Come in and chat with us today!

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