Omaha Personal Training Advice About Nutrition

Omaha-Personal-Training-Advice-About-NutritionAs experienced Omaha personal training experts, we’re well aware that when people think of eating better or dieting, their mind often jumps to the most extreme measures. While some people can stick with a really strict diet for a short period, this approach almost always ends in failure.

A much better approach is to focus on consistently making small improvements to eating habits and overall nutrition. By making solid baby steps on a regular basis, you’ll put yourself in a much better position for sustainable success than if you attempted to change everything overnight.

Since we see time and time again at Omaha Barbell how well gradual improvements can work, our Omaha personal training wants to share some of the best changes you can slowly introduce into your approach to eating and nutrition.

Increase Your Vegetable Portions

You don’t have to love every vegetable under the sun. But the strategy that is quite useful is taking a larger portion of vegetables you do like. By indulging on vegetables, you can enjoy feeling full without needing to take in as many calories. Just be sure that if your veggies are in the form of a salad, you choose a low-calorie dressing. And if you’re ordering a salad in a restaurant, be sure to ask for your dressing on the side.

Reduce Processed Foods

When it comes to making better food choices, a simple question to ask yourself is “was this meal made from things that grow in nature?” By trying to choose as many meals as you can that get a yes to that question, you’ll impact your overall nutrition in a very positive way.

Consciously Make an Effort to Drink More Water

While we know that this isn’t the first time you’ve heard this piece of advice, it’s something that’s definitely worth repeating. Not only is water great for your body, but making an effort to drink more of it during meals will help ensure you don’t feel the need to overeat.

Make Meals an Event

Although our Omaha personal training team knows you have a busy life, we also know that one reason people end up eating more than they meant to is because they don’t take any time to focus on their meals. By getting away from your desk at lunch and sitting in the dining room instead of in front of the TV for dinner, you’ll take more notice of the food that you’re putting into your mouth.

And while this may seem more like a symbolic change than a practical one, numerous studies have confirmed that the simple act of taking time to enjoy meals increases feelings of satisfaction while also reducing the total amount of food people end up consuming.

Enjoy Omaha Personal Training Whenever You Want It

If you want to be part of a gym where you’ll have all the resources you need to get on the right track and stay there, Omaha Barbell is the place for you. To speak with a member of our team about everything we have to offer, simply give us a call at (402) 594-4485.

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