Omaha Barbell Discusses Common Myths about Fitness

Weightlifting Facts_Omaha BarbellOmaha Barbell Gym knows best that there are many myths floating around out there in the fitness world. Several of the myths are created based on the newest fitness fads or workouts (which change almost daily), while others are simply communicated by those who have no clue what they are talking about. Some of these myths have been around since the beginning of gyms and they can be dangerous to be believe in if you do not know the reasoning behind what they are saying. At Omaha Barbell, the #1 gym in Omaha, we are here to provide you with some guidance on those myths so you can get the best out of our gym and your workout. We will go through each myth one-by-one and expose their realities that way you can better understand for your health benefits. Remember do not believe everything you hear, ask a professional or research the information first. See below for our explanations to these myths. 

Myth #1 No pain, no gain

This myth is the most well-known. Some people, both new and experts, think they must feel pain, in order to see results. This is NOT true! You should feel minimal pain, you should only feel the burn of your muscles working. A good rule of thumb to follow is “pain means something is wrong.” When you perform a strength training exercise there is a difference between your muscle working hard and your muscle getting injured. At Omaha Barbell, we recommend not to push your body to pain. Exercising should be enjoyable, not hated. You should be able to walk to your car after a workout, not waddle and be bed ridden the next day.

Myth #2 Do not drink water while exercising

If you visit Omaha Barbell you will see several of our current members carrying some form of drink with them whether it is water, Musclepharm Enhancement for lifting, or another one of our supplement drinks. Honestly, if you are thirsty then your body is already starting to dehydrate. It is best for you to drink water throughout your workout. Just remember to drink a little at a time depending on the exercise you are performing, drinking too much of anything, too fast, could weigh you down or make you sick.

Myth #3 If you work out, you can eat as much as you want

At Omaha Barbell this is one of the myths that honestly gets a bit annoying because it is completely untrue for the majority of people looking to lose weight or beginners of building strength! If you work out hard and then eat whatever and how much ever you want, you will not see the results that you hoped for. Worst case you could end up not accomplishing your goal and adding more fat versus muscle. Now, there are exceptions to the rule, such as, if you are a weight training competitor your meal plan might have you consume way more calories and fats than those who are seeking to lose weight. Our weight training professionals at Omaha Barbell suggest if you want to get fit and stay fit, you must exercise AND eat healthy. Not one or the other.

Tip: Our team at Omaha Barbell eat smaller portions 5 or 6 times a day rather than consuming the normal 3 meals a day. This helps keep your metabolism going while providing you the nutrients your body needs to gain more strength.

Myth #4 Women that lift weights will become massively muscular

In the world of physics, men have testosterone which make their muscles bulk when they weight train heavy. Women on the other hand are less likely to become extremely muscular when they participate in the sport of weightlifting. This is mainly due to women having low testosterone and a higher fat percentage, causing less bulky muscle build. Women that perform a weight training routine consistently will experience toning of a muscle giving them the ideal fit look.

Myth #5 Running does the most for your fitness level

At Omaha Barbell we have several members that absolutely love to run and believe it helps them accomplish their fitness goals. Running is not the worldwide secret to getting into shape and the benefits might not be as appealing as you once believed. When you perform cardio it should be more than just hopping on a treadmill for an hour stroll. Instead you should figure on a high intensity interval training in addition to a strength training program. As a strength training gym, we of course are a bit biased to weight lifting versus cardio for the simple fact that weight lifting can burn 9 times more calories after your workout!

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