How Omaha Barbell is Different Than Other Omaha Gyms

Omaha Gym_WeightTrainingOur gym fitness experts here at Omaha Barbell realize that finding a gym in Omaha you can call “home” is a downright challenge. In many cases you find that you will spend a couple hours each day at the gym depending on if your health goal is to lose weight, build strength, or perform cardio. As one of the best gyms in Omaha, we want you to be aware of how we are a bit different from the crowd at Omaha Barbell.

Whether you’re excited about the summer coming up or you’re simply a gym ninja all year round, we have your needs covered when it comes to our state-of-the-art equipment and atmosphere. Below we have provided a few areas where we are different than all other Omaha Gyms.

Feel free to stop by our facility and take a tour! We’d love to show you around!

We Offer Month to Month Memberships and Drop-In Rates

At Omaha Barbell we love the idea of flexibility! When we opened our doors, we decided to offer a month-to-month membership program to help people determine if our gym is the best for their immediate and future fitness needs. Based on this option we have more members that have stayed with us since the gym’s opening than we ever thought possible. The best part is that they come in to work out often!

When we have someone visit our gym to determine if they want to become a member, our fitness experts at Omaha Barbell often hear him or her say things like “I can’t cancel my other gym membership. Do you guys require long term contracts?” We say NO! We’d prefer for you to pay each month as you go. If our great atmosphere turns out not to be ideal for you, you shouldn’t have to pay an obnoxious cancellation fee. If you’re currently a member at one of the other local gyms in Omaha and are signed to a long-term contract, remember that the gym wins if you cancel as you, the member, have to pay them an enormous cancellation fee, which is sometimes the remaining value of the membership! Personally we think this sucks, especially if you only go to the gym once a year!

Note: Here at the best gym in Omaha, Omaha Barbell, you can prepay your gym membership for a full year if you like. With this option you can lock in your low monthly membership fee–however, there are no refunds available with this payment method.

We Maintain Our Gym Equipment

We simply love the concept of keeping our gym equipment maintained in its “best” condition. If you are new to working out, an advanced lifter, or someone who is addicted to cardio we have equipment for all your needs.

Several gyms in Omaha do not have this same philosophy, or they offer only one style of equipment. At Omaha Barbell we have all different styles of gym members, this leads us to knowing and purchasing some of the most advanced and “old school” equipment. For example: come check out our pink prowler – it’s guaranteed to make your heart race, your legs burn, and give you a good feeling in your heart as it was purchased in honor of breast cancer awareness month.

One of the main reasons you want to go to an Omaha gym that regularly maintains their equipment is to avoid injury. If the equipment is not maintained properly you could find yourself face first on the treadmill due to the track breaking. While this sounds like a great “funniest home videos” clip, it’s not a situation you’d want to experience.

No Long-Winded Membership Contracts

If you decide to join our Omaha gym you’ll be happy to know that our monthly contract is short, sweet, and in plain English. Our team of gym fitness experts in Omaha do not see a need to have a document that is six pages long. We do have some basic rules that you will find located throughout our gym. Be sure to follow those and you’ll be good to go.

Remember, if you’re a gym member at another gym in Omaha we cannot stress enough that you need to read the fine print of your contract. That’s where the most rip-offs will be stuffed because no one wants to sit there for 2 hours reading the tiny print. For example, at one local gym, some fine print states you must attend the gym 2 times a week or a fee is issued. That can be a nice motivator for those who need that sort of thing, but we at Omaha Barbell couldn’t disagree more with that philosophy. You shouldn’t be punished for not going to the gym–instead, you should want to go based on the quality of the gym you choose to belong to, and that’s what we give you at Omaha Barbell.

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We hope we were able to provide you with a few reasons how we are very different than other Omaha gyms. Come into to learn more about our state of the art equipment and the “one of a kind” environment we offer. We look forward to seeing you hit your PRs!
Call us at (402) 594-4485 for more information or drop by for a tour!

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