New Year’s Resolution Time at the Best Gym in Omaha!

metal-bar_OmahaBarbellWe here at Omaha Barbell, the #1 gym in Omaha, want to remind you that New Year’s is just around the corner! Which means this is a perfect time to decide what workout plan you want to stick with for your resolution. I know many of you are thinking that your resolution worked for only a few weeks last year and then you fell back into your old habits. Well not this year!

We have good news for you on how to succeed. What you need is a plan. The way you will get fit this coming year is through willpower and self-control. Omaha Barbell knows you can do it and we are here to help.

Diet Plan

First, you must plan out a healthy diet plan because although exercising will increase your well-being, it will do little for weight loss and overall health unless a healthy eating habit also comes into play. Be sure to know what you are going to eat the day before, that way it is harder to stray. Having a schedule turns it into a habit which is harder to break.

Exercise Plan

Second, focus on your exercising practices. The best gym in Omaha says to ask yourself these questions, What days will I exercise? What kinds of exercise will I do on those days? What calorie intake do I need for those certain days? Some days you may work harder than others and need more calories for energy to make up for it. Know specifically what your days will look like each week.

Don’t give up!

Third, stay determined. Do not get discouraged. Our bodies are all different and if your workout regimen is not working how you expected it to, keep at it, or try something a little different. Tomorrow may be the day you see results!

Tip: Before the New Year begins, plan out your diet and exercise routine for January and February. This way you have a plan and will have a head start getting your mind to accept you are getting in shape soon.

Come see us at Omaha Barbell

If after reading this, you would like a personal trainer for the New Year or additional information about the best gym in Omaha, Omaha Barbell, please give us a call at 402-594-4485. You’re welcome to stop by for a gym tour, we’re located at 8935 J Street, Omaha, NE.

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