How to know Whether Omaha Barbell is the Right Gym for You

Decisions _OmahaBarbellChoosing the right gym is vital to getting into shape. One, the environment has to be welcoming while providing you with the vision to accomplish your goals. Second, it has to appear safe. While these two factors are extremely important there are many other factors beyond the visuals of the gym that go into making a decision.

We here at Omaha Barbell have both of those things on your list, plus so much more. We want to let you know why we are the best option for you. All of us make excuses for not wanting to go to the gym but at Omaha’s 1 gym, there are no excuses not to go!

Read on to find out the answers to your questions.

Is Omaha Barbell close to your home or work?

Let’s face it, when you complete a long day of work the last thing you want to do is fight 7 miles of traffic to get to the gym. At Omaha Barbell we take pride in being centrally located in Omaha. We understand that it’s important to choose a gym based on a location. If it is not close to either your work or home you probably won’t be able to make yourself go as often because “it is too far away.”

Does Omaha Barbell fit into your budget?

At Omaha Barbell, we strive to provide you the best equipment for your buck. Yep, you read that right. We provide the best industry-leading equipment to all our gym members while keeping your gym membership at a reasonable price. While you are looking to join a gym to lose weight or gain muscle, you want to also ensure that you do not break the bank with unnecessary fees. In more cases than not, you probably want a gym that is in your allotted price range.

At Omaha Barbell, we offer memberships starting at $30 a month, or if you’d like to pay for a whole year, the deal is cheaper. We also offer special membership pricing for current students and provide a unique drop by rate of $8 per visit.

What kind of workout equipment do you want from a gym?

If you are looking to lose weight you want to ensure that the gym you join provides you the proper equipment for the most effective workout. While many people believe that cardio is the best way to lose those inches, at Omaha Barbell we know that strength training is far better. We offer some of the most unique and highly recognized workout equipment in the Omaha area. From Power Racks to Competition Benches our gym is filled with fun and effective toys like

  • Sleds and Prowlers
  • Deadlift Platform with Bumper Plates
  • Chains, Bands, Boards, and Boxes
  • Truck Tires and Sledge Hammers
  • Dumbbells up to 130 lbs.
  • MMA Equipment
  • Reverse Hyper Machine
  • And MORE!

Would you rather have a month-by-month contract or yearly?

At Omaha Barbell we realize lives are busy and there are people who are new to our style of gym. While we offer a wide range of equipment for all different fitness goals, some people will sign up for a gym, show up a few times and eventually disappear. This is why we have created a pricing structure that is a bit different than other gyms. We offer three different types of membership:

Drop in – With our drop in feature we welcome everyone to come try out our gym for the day with a small fee you pay per visit. This payment style is ideal for those who are traveling for business, coming home for the holidays or currently attend school here locally, but live somewhere else full time.

Month-by-Month – This is by far our most popular plan. This membership feature is for those who are looking to try out the gym for a full month and like the expense to be withdrawn or paid on a monthly basis. Several Omaha Barbell members are more seasonal and choose to build strength in the spring through the fall. While we enjoy seeing everyone all year round, we understand that life can get busy, especially during the holiday season.

Note: With month-by-month you are required to provide a 30 days written notice to cancel your membership.

Yearly – We offer a yearly contract for those who are a bit more committed to the Omaha Barbell family. We welcome you to determine what membership structure is the best for you!

Do our business hours fit your needs?

Currently at Omaha Barbell we are open

  • Monday – Thursday 5am to 10pm,
  • Friday 5am to 9pm,
  • Saturday 7am to 7pm
  • Sunday 7 am to 4pm.

Our hours of operation stay consistent, though they are subject to change at any time with little or no notice. We attempt to keep you updated on our Facebook page with our holiday schedules, in addition, to early closings due to weather.

Is the staff personable?

At Omaha Barbell, our staff is friendly, helpful, and ready to strive to help you succeed in all your fitness endeavors. Honestly, we have created a family at Omaha Barbell and always welcome new friends who are looking to accomplish new or existing goals.

Are Omaha Barbell’s machines clean and cared for?

We take pride in our machines and clean them regularly. We also make sure that all common areas including the bathrooms reflect our cleanliness as well. Hygiene is an important factor of health and we make it a top priority. Plus, we’re all a bunch of neat freaks!

Do you know anyone that works out with us? Ask them what they think!

Our gym members and Omaha Barbell family are all straight shooters. If you come in for a tour or try the gym out for the day with our drop in feature, ask them what they think. They’ll tell you the real deal. If you want more information specifically about the history of Omaha Barbell, come in for a visit and ask to speak with one of the owners.

You need a gym that makes you feel comfortable so you can enjoy working out, and Omaha Barbell is that gym. Come into today at the Best Gym in Omaha and we’ll be happy to show you around and answer any questions. Call Omaha Barbell at (402) 594-4485 today!

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