Keep Getting Results from Your Omaha Gym Workouts

omaha gym_personal training omahaCountless people have gone through the experience of getting into a consistent routine of going to an Omaha gym, only to hit a point where all their progress seems to stop. Although the number of times they go to a gym in Omaha remains just as consistent, they stop seeing improvements in terms of their strength or weight loss.

If you’ve ever gone through this experience yourself, you’re probably aware of what often ends up happening. Because it’s so frustrating to put in time at the gym and not see progress, people slowly lose their motivation. This causes them to work out less and less. Eventually, they fall completely out of the routine they had worked so hard to build up.

After this unfortunate series of events happens, it usually means that once someone decides to start building up their momentum again, they have to go all the way back to square one to get restarted. Whether you’ve just begun working out or you’ve been working out for a few months now, our personal training team has several tips we want to pass along about what you can do to avoid losing the momentum you’ve worked so hard to create for yourself.

The Most Important Omaha Gym Tip – Variety

Your gym time should be a mixture of resistance and cardio exercise. Not only do you want to focus on both forms of exercise, but you can cycle how much you focus on each. For example, you may spend 4 to 6 weeks with cardio as your priority, and then switch to making resistance exercises 80% of your workouts for the next cycle.

Don’t Push to the Point of Burnout

Although it’s important to continue challenging yourself, there is such a thing as pushing too far. If you ever feel like you’re hitting a plateau, it’s important to assess if you’re getting enough rest and sleep. If you’re not, taking a small step back may actually be what you need to keep moving forward.

Keep Your Diet in Check

While consistent exercise is vital for fitness success, it’s not a remedy for poor eating habits. If you’re trying to spend all of your time in the gym making up for consistent overeating, this cycle will eventually catch up with you. Although Omaha Barbell never recommends trying to implement huge diet changes overnight, now is the time to start prioritizing better food choices.

Omaha Barbell Will Ensure Your Workouts Stay Interesting

If you want to work out in a gym where you’ll have everything you need to stay motivated and engaged by your workouts, Omaha Barbell is the place for you. While we could spend several paragraphs talking about everything our gym in Omaha has to offer, you can experience it for yourself for just $8.

And once you’ve had a chance to experience a drop-in workout, you can become a member for as little as $30 a month. If you have any other questions about our gym, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (402) 594-4485.

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