How to Help Yourself Succeed in Health Fitness

Health Fitness_Omaha BarbellAre you having trouble reaching your health fitness goal? Our fitness experts at Omaha Barbell, the best gym in Omaha, understand your feelings of defeat and discouragement. Spring is typically the time when we all start to feel the pressure of getting in shape—swimsuit season. By the end of spring you may find yourself settling or giving up on your goal of looking great in that bikini.

While you may find comfort in “self sabotage” we challenge you to not accept being OK with fitting into a one-piece suit instead of rocking that bikini you’ve had your eye on all season.

We have the solutions to help you get out of your own way when it comes to working out! Read below as our team at Omaha Barbell gives you a few ways to get the most out of your workout every time while keeping you motivated.

Rewards for Reaching your Health Fitness Goal, or Consequences for Falling Short

The thing about reaching a goal is that you want to get something out of it in the end. While feeling great in your new jeans is an amazing feeling, unfortunately it’s not always enough to keep you motivated. Several people who are attempting to reach a health fitness goal will give themselves an incentive (i.e. reward) for accomplishing small goals or one big goal. For example, we here at Omaha Barbell are addicted to quest bars, so if we accomplish our fitness goal we would use the chocolate chip quest bar to make some low-fat healthy chocolate chip cookies. We know, it sounds yummy, and in fact it is! Offering yourself rewards big or small could be just the pick me up to keep your motivation going.

Stay Positive, No Matter What

Here at Omaha Barbell, we want to make it clear you shouldn’t beat yourself up every time you don’t reach a goal. Just perform your consequence and keep going. Working out is supposed to help your self-esteem as well as health. Learning from your mistakes will only make you better in the end. Our Omaha Gym team is continually learning new things all the time. Remember, there is no falling off the band wagon as tomorrow is a new day. If you find that you eat a horrible non-healthy dinner, eat a healthy breakfast the next morning. If you find that you skipped a workout this week, do extra cardio each day of this week to make up the amount of exercise. You have control over your success!

Involve Others’ Participation

Okay, so we all know that we have good intentions when holding yourself accountable whether it’s eating healthy or working out 110%. The challenge is that when we control ourselves, especially with food, our egos want the bad stuff. When you set a goal to eat healthy you’re making a commitment. Unfortunately life will still happen even when you set, and have full intentions of meeting your goals. For example: your boss comes to you with a tight deadline that has been set and you know that your first reaction is to eat. After all, habits are not created overnight– knowing your triggers will help you acknowledge your future roadblocks.

At Omaha Barbell, several of our gym members have found success in having an accountability partner. Someone there to enforce the goals and rules you’ve set. If you find you’re about to make a bad eating decision or skip a workout, call a friend, family member, or your gym acquaintance, and have them remind you why you set this goal in the first place.

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Here at Omaha Barbell, the best gym in Omaha, our health fitness professionals want you to reach your goals. We believe in you and we know you can succeed. Call us at (402) 594-4485 to begin your fitness journey today!

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