Come to Omaha Barbell Instead of Working Out at Home

Best Gym in Omaha_Omaha BarbellYou wake up in the morning thinking, “I’m going to start the day out right by doing strength training or cardio.” You’re woken up to find out that your kids missed the bus and need to be taken to school, then your husband needs help taking the car to the shop. When you finally get back home from helping everyone else, you’re too mentally exhausted to work out before starting your own busy day. The last thing you have the energy for is to change clothes, drag your weights out of the closet, and push yourself to exhaustion. Sound familiar? It should, because when life hits you, there are a million excuses not to work out. The challenge is having enough mental energy and finding one central place that you call your own to workout.

At Omaha Barbell, the best gym in Omaha, we believe that going to a gym is the best idea when it comes to working out, as it will hold you accountable when you walk in the door. We offer you one location that gives you all the tools you need to make it about “YOU” and your health. Not to mention we offer an environment where you don’t need to make excuses! There are no distractions from your goals in our Omaha gym, and it’s guaranteed that your motivation level will go through the roof when you see other people there who have the same goals you do (losing weight, building strength, and becoming healthier).

At Omaha Barbell We Offer Equipment for Everyone

At home you may have a few weights, a treadmill, or even a few of those P90X DVDs lying around to start out. In order to target all the right muscles and areas of your body that you want to improve, though, you’ll need the right equipment. At Omaha Barbell, we strive to have equipment for everyone’s goals! We offer cardio equipment, weight lifting equipment and free weights, in addition to advanced equipment if you’re looking to compete. Our goal at Omaha Barbell is to provide anything you could want to begin your health fitness journey. Here’s some of the equipment we offer:

  • Power racks
  • Chains, bands, boards, and boxes
  • Competition benches
  • Dumbbells up to 130 pounds
  • Sleds and pink prowler
  • Dead lift platform and Olympic platform with bumper plates

Click here to learn more about each one.

You Won’t Get Bored at Omaha Barbell

If you lack motivation at home, we find it’s easier to focus on a goal at our Omaha gym. We offer music in our atmosphere or if you prefer to keep to yourself you’re welcome to use your own iPod while you perform cardio or lifting weights. We can guarantee you that you will not get bored at Omaha Barbell.

Note: If you have questions, don’t be afraid to ask our health fitness experts and Omaha gym members. They’re always willing to help where they can.

Call Omaha Barbell Today at (402) 594-4485

Here at the best gym in Omaha, Omaha Barbell, we’re all about bettering yourself. It’s important that you aren’t comparing yourself to anyone else but yourself. Everyone’s workout journey is different, and our health fitness experts will be with you every step of the way. Call us today at (402) 594-4485 if you have any questions or are interested in taking a tour of our Omaha gym.

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