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# 1 Omaha Gym_ Omaha BarbellLet’s get real, we all know that talking bad about others is not good for your karma, but did you know there is research that now supports the fact that dogging yourself is just as bad? There’s a new study that found average weight people that thought they were overweight were more likely to end up just that way. It’s like they say, “it’s all in your head!”

Self-image views and confidence are vital if you want to succeed in today’s society. What is holding you back from being confident? Afraid you’re not skinny enough? Not strong enough? Not dedicated enough? None of these things are true. All of us, including our fitness experts at Omaha Barbell, the # 1 Omaha Gym, are all different. We all have different body shapes, fitness goals, and we all have different routines that work just for us. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else and be sure to love yourself! Below, our health fitness experts discuss with you a few ideas our gym members use to feel more confident in their body to achieve their goals.

Get in Touch with Your Body

We don’t just want you to come and workout at Omaha Barbell–we want you to meet and exceed your fitness goals! In order to succeed, you should listen to and hear what your body is telling you. According to psychology research done by Vivien Ainley, the more in-sync you are with yourself and your body, the less you will negatively portray yourself. Meditation and stretching before and after your workout at Omaha Barbell can be just the thing you need. Breath, relax, work your butt off, and repeat. Eliminate the hateful comments about yourself or your peers and sing praises instead. This will in turn help your body image and improve how you feel about yourself. Good karma!

Don’t be a Couch Potato, Come to Omaha Barbell, the # 1 Omaha Gym Instead

Have you ever noticed the difference of how you feel sitting on the couch all day compared to going on a hike for a few hours? Which makes you feel better? There is plenty of research to back up the notion that exercise (whether it be weight training, cardio, or yoga) gets the blood pumping and therefore makes your whole self feel better. All of these aspects can help when it comes to how you view your body—even if your weight or waist inches don’t change. Working out releases endorphins that make you feel good, and why wouldn’t you want to feel good all the time? Come join our endorphin fest today at Omaha Barbell!

Join the Best Members in Omaha at Omaha Barbell

Negativity is never a good feeling or atmosphere to be in. Here at Omaha Barbell, the # 1 Omaha Gym, our gym members and staff have uplifting attitudes and want you to succeed. Call us today at (402) 594-4485 to get started in a positive direction.

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