7 Tips To Making a Healthy Food Plan a Success

Healthy Food Plan_ Omaha BarbellSo you’ve started a healthier food plan, and things seem to be going great, until stress hits! You have a huge deadline at work that leads you to feel like grabbing all the bad foods you possibly can. This is often referred to as “cravings” or “munchies.”

At Omaha Barbell, we know that life happens! Even as strength trainers, we experience the ups and downs of crazy lifestyles that lead to crazy eating habits. Remember, the goal with a healthy lifestyle is changing your frame of mind. This will help eliminate the “triggers” of stress, drama, or even other people around you. See below for our top recommendations for turning bad habits into good habits.

Get Prepared for a Healthy Lifestyle Now

Think about this way: when you prepare, you’re retraining your mind. You’re telling your mind “NO” to all the bad foods you’ve put into your mouth over the years, and saying “YES” to extending your life through healthier habits. While it’s more than just saying “no” or “yes” to yourself when it comes to food, it’s also breaking bad habits by replacing them with new good habits.

Small Steps Lead to Healthier Habits

Many people fail right off the bat when starting a new food plan by going 100% strict. They remove every single “bad” thing that they enjoy from their diet, saying “NO” to everything. Eventually, they become that friend–the “I can’t have that” or “I’m on a gluten-free diet” friend.

While we at Omaha Barbell recommend our members have 100% dedication to a meal plan, healthy lifestyle, and strength training program, when it comes to food it’s best to start with small steps. You’re essentially retraining your mind and body for long term “good” habits. Some are able to change immediately with no withdrawal, while others need to complete this process in small steps so they don’t fall back into old habits.

Below, we have provided some amazing tips to replace old habits with new healthy ones. Remember, we’re not looking to remove all your old habits at once. Doing that will result in you eventually giving up as you feel you’re being deprived. Instead, we want to give you the tools to create new habits.

Eat Often (4 to 6 Times a Day)

It is highly recommended for you to eat 4 to 6 small meals a day. We realize that this might seem like a lot to consume. The goal is to make your body run like it’s designed to. Often times, people believe that starving themselves or eating just one or two meals a day will help them lose weight. This one of the biggest myths of all time, and is actually worse than all the other diet fads out there.

Choose a Specific Area To Eat

If you find yourself eating a bag of chips while watching your favorite “sing-off” episode, you more than likely are a victim of “mind-numbing” eating. Our weight trainers at Omaha Barbell recommend for you to designate a specific area to eat all your meals while at home or at work. This will help you concentrate on what you are eating, how much you’re eating, all while listening to your body to tell you when you’re full. The added benefit of this technique is that you’ll eliminate all that late night snacking and endless munching when you’re not hungry.

Don’t Buy Bad Foods – Just Say No

Yes, we realize we are not your favorite person with this suggestion. We also know that it’s hard to not have those sweet or salty cheat snacks in your cupboard for those full-blown cravings! Even though it’s hard, we suggest saying “NO” and sticking to it. When you go grocery shopping, only buy the items that are on your list. This will help you when will power is needed the most.

What To Do With a Craving Attack While Shopping

Walk away from the counter – if you find that you get cravings to buy at the checkout line, walk away from the counter and walk aimlessly in the store for 12 minutes. This is exactly how long a food craving lasts.

Gulp a bottle of water – The signals of a craving and thirst are almost the same. Having water on you at all times can and will save you from cheating.

Do Not Serve Food Family Style

While we personally LOVE food at Omaha Barbell, and we’re a big family, we never serve food family style. It is way too easy to get seconds, or pile your plate with massive servings that could sabotage all the hard work you’ve performed. If possible, serve individual plates to all guests. If you want to go the next step with serving sizes use smaller plates, which will help you manage the amount of food you consume. Remember, drink a full glass of water during your meal. This will help you feel full faster while keeping you hydrated!

Come Tour Omaha Barbell Today!

We’ve tested all the above recommendations ourself, and while we realize dedication and commitment is required, eating healthy can also be fun! If you wish to take your healthy food plan to the next level and gain strength, come tour our Omaha gym today!

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