5 Omaha Personal Training Tips to Lose More Fat

Omaha personal trainer_Omaha BarbellIf one of your main goals for 2015 is to lose fat, it’s helpful to know what Omaha personal training experts recommend.

While you may ultimately decide that you want to forge your weight loss path on your own, there’s still a lot of value in turning to others for proven advice.

Since losing fat is an uphill battle for many people, Omaha Barbell wants to share five different tips that can ensure you continue making solid progress towards your ultimate goal:

#1: Be Honest with Yourself About Snacking Calories

When it comes to the ideal number of meals you should eat each day, you’ll get multiple answers if you speak to several different Omaha personal training professionals. One reason not everyone is on the same page about this topic is what works extremely well for one individual may not be as effective as others.

While there are plenty of members of the Omaha personal training community who would be happy to spend all day debating the pros and cons of different approaches to structuring meals, that’s not something you need to obsess over at this point in your fat loss journey. What’s more important is to pick an approach that allows you to manage your caloric intake on an ongoing and consistent basis.

And a big part of properly managing your calories means being honest with yourself about the true number of calories in snacks.

#2: Find Healthy Ways to Reduce Stress

Excess stress can cause everything from making you seek comfort through food to giving you an excuse for skipping Omaha Barbell workouts. On top of that, stress can trigger the release of hormones that cause fat storage. While dealing with stress is not an easy task, it’s worth putting in the time to get to the root of issues and find ways to deal with them.

Omaha Personal Training Tip #3: Know How Many Calories are in Sauces

While salad dressings and sandwich condiments may seem fairly harmless, Omaha personal training pros will be the first to tell you that calorie-rich sauces are a common source of fat loss sabotage. Educating yourself about this topic and then making good choices can help you cut out a surprising number of calories without feeling like you’re really missing out on anything.

#4: Get Enough Sleep

Not only is sleep an essential ingredient in helping your body recover from gym in Omaha workouts, but it’s also crucial for avoiding cortisol spikes and excessive food cravings. Even though it can take some work to make sleep a priority, you won’t regret this focus.

#5: Don’t Drink Up All Your Calories

Whether it’s an alcoholic beverage or a fancy coffee drink that’s rich in calories, not needing to chew doesn’t change the fact that calories are going into your body. Even if you’re only consuming a few hundred drink calories a day, it doesn’t take long for that amount to add up to a surplus. Making a conscious effort to drink more water is a simple but effective way to help reduce cravings for drinks that are packed with calories.

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If you want to work out at an Omaha gym which will support you throughout your fat loss journey, give us a call today at (402) 594-4485 to talk more about how we can help you make 2015 a year of successful fat loss.

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