Fall Football Parties and Your Omaha Health Fitness

Football Party Diet Options_Omaha Health FitnessAs fall approaches, we’re all starting to feel that familiar pull of wanting to sleep in longer and eat heavier foods. The challenge is that if you give in to this feeling, you will lose all the progress on your health that you’ve made through the earlier months of the year.

Trust us–we know that fall comfort food tastes amazing and the couch feels too comfortable to want to leave. That feeling of “ahhh” as you lay down to watch your favorite TV show has the power to keep you focused on doing nothing, but you have to resist it!

Today our Omaha health fitness experts at Omaha Barbell will explain how you can still meet your health goals while still having fun at your fall football parties this year!

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Listen to Your Body for Omaha Health Fitness

Omaha Health Fitness_Omaha BarbellAs the #1 Omaha gym, our team here at Omaha Barbell knows that being truly fit takes more than just paying attention to the foods you eat and sticking to a regular and rigorous workout routine. You also have to understand how your body is feeling as you’re working out, and it can be difficult sometimes during your hectic daily schedule to slow down and take the time to listen to your body.

Not only is this process important for avoiding injury, it also helps you make wise exercise decisions and reach your goals more quickly! Today our team at Omaha Barbell will give you some tips for how to listen to the signals your body is sending you so you can enjoy your workouts and see the Omaha health fitness results you’re looking for.

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Omaha Health Fitness for Older Adults

Omaha Health Fitness_Omaha BarbellHere at Omaha Barbell, we truly are the perfect “fit” for anyone, including the older generations! Working out and being in shape is an important part of life, no matter what age you are. But for those who are 60 years of age or older, exercise can be vital to maintain stability and independence. Aging is not for the weak—when we age we lose body mass, muscle tone, balance, and stamina. However, the good news is that exercise can reduce or reverse these symptoms, including reducing diseases such as Alzheimer’s, heart disease, or dementia. Performing a health fitness routine consistently can even help you live longer!

Today our Omaha health fitness experts are going to go through a few of the exercises you should be doing if you’re an older adult. Follow along with us below to learn more. Continue reading

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What to Pack in an Omaha Barbell Health Fitness Gym Bag

Health Fitness_Omaha BarbellHave you ever packed a gym bag before you headed off for work so you can go straight to Omaha Barbell for your workout at 5 o’clock, only to realize you forgot the most important item—shoes?

This situation has happened to many of us, maybe more than once, because each day you go to the gym you may need different items. That’s why at Omaha Barbell our health fitness experts are here to give you some guidelines on what to pack into your bag. We’ve thought of everything, from fuel for your body to necessary equipment, as well as things like your tunes to keep you motivated!

Read on as our health fitness team at Omaha Barbell goes through what to stuff into your gym bag. You can refer to our list before every workout, so you’re never left at the gym without any shoes! Continue reading

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Build your Confidence at Omaha Barbell ( The # 1 Omaha Gym)

# 1 Omaha Gym_ Omaha BarbellLet’s get real, we all know that talking bad about others is not good for your karma, but did you know there is research that now supports the fact that dogging yourself is just as bad? There’s a new study that found average weight people that thought they were overweight were more likely to end up just that way. It’s like they say, “it’s all in your head!”

Self-image views and confidence are vital if you want to succeed in today’s society. What is holding you back from being confident? Afraid you’re not skinny enough? Not strong enough? Not dedicated enough? None of these things are true. All of us, including our fitness experts at Omaha Barbell, the # 1 Omaha Gym, are all different. We all have different body shapes, fitness goals, and we all have different routines that work just for us. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else and be sure to love yourself! Below, our health fitness experts discuss with you a few ideas our gym members use to feel more confident in their body to achieve their goals. Continue reading

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Take your Omaha Fitness Training to the Next Level

Omaha Fitness Training_Omaha BarbellOkay, you go to the gym 3-4 times a week for 30-45 minutes a day, but you don’t feel excited after you’re finished and you don’t feel like you’re seeing results anymore. You’re going more out of habit than anything else. Here at Omaha Barbell, we sometimes have this sort of mindset as well—we have to back away and reset so we can get back to feeling great!

In our last blog we talked about getting out of the workout rut, but now let’s take your workout to the next level! How, you ask? Our Omaha fitness training experts are here to tell you just that. Follow along below to find out more about getting over that workout hump. Continue reading

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Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Health Fitness Workout?

Health Fitness_Omaha BarbellYou’re on the right track to reaching health fitness goals—you work out 3-5 times a week and you’ve even lost your first 15 pounds. Good! But are you getting the most out of your workouts? Our health fitness experts say it depends on a few key items. In order to reach the goals you’ve set, your workout plan needs to match up with what you want to accomplish. For instance, if you want to tone your upper body and improve your cardiovascular health, you’ll need a plan that includes both aerobic exercise and strength-training.

If you don’t have a plan yet, don’t worry, it’s easy. Our health fitness experts here at Omaha Barbell have the experience to know just what workout regimen you need to reach your goals, so if you have any questions or just don’t know where to start, call us or come in for a visit and we’ll get you on the right path. Continue reading

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Don’t Get Discouraged, Come Workout at the # 1 Gym in Omaha

# 1 Gym In Omaha_Omaha BarbellGetting in shape can be hard, even when visiting a gym in Omaha. But, what’s even more challenging is staying motivated to reach your fitness goal. Often the excuse used is, “I don’t have enough time” and our health fitness experts at Omaha Barbell completely understand. You get off work, pick up the kids, fix dinner, and make sure your family is taken care of, and that doesn’t leave much time left for working out. At this point it’s about time to go to bed, and when are you supposed to have time to do all those home projects you want to?

We at Omaha Barbell, the # 1 Gym in Omaha, we understand how hectic life can get! When you are overwhelmed, working out can help you manage the stress. Trust us when we tell you having a workout goal and plan is worth the time and effort it takes. Follow along below as our professional health experts tell you how to keep motivated in a world that is constantly go, go, go! Continue reading

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How to Help Yourself Succeed in Health Fitness

Health Fitness_Omaha BarbellAre you having trouble reaching your health fitness goal? Our fitness experts at Omaha Barbell, the best gym in Omaha, understand your feelings of defeat and discouragement. Spring is typically the time when we all start to feel the pressure of getting in shape—swimsuit season. By the end of spring you may find yourself settling or giving up on your goal of looking great in that bikini.

While you may find comfort in “self sabotage” we challenge you to not accept being OK with fitting into a one-piece suit instead of rocking that bikini you’ve had your eye on all season.

We have the solutions to help you get out of your own way when it comes to working out! Read below as our team at Omaha Barbell gives you a few ways to get the most out of your workout every time while keeping you motivated. Continue reading

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The Best Gym in Omaha (OBGYM) Now Carries Fitmiss Burn!

Best Gym in Omaha_Omaha BarbellAs the best gym in Omaha, we realize the importance of your health and finding nutrition products that can help you achieve the goals you’ve set out to accomplish.

As of 2013, Bret Carter, one of our owners, established a partnership with MusclePharm, the leading nutrition manufacturer, as they not only have superb products, they live for health fitness!

Believe it or not, one of the most popular products we carry at Omaha Barbell is Fitmiss Burn. While many associate the gym with men, bodybuilders who are men, and strength training gym members who are men, our gym is a bit different. We have woman who hit PR’s daily and compete year round, as well as those who are new to strength training, working their butts off and finding they love it. Continue reading

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