Keep Getting Results from Your Omaha Gym Workouts

omaha gym_personal training omahaCountless people have gone through the experience of getting into a consistent routine of going to an Omaha gym, only to hit a point where all their progress seems to stop. Although the number of times they go to a gym in Omaha remains just as consistent, they stop seeing improvements in terms of their strength or weight loss.

If you’ve ever gone through this experience yourself, you’re probably aware of what often ends up happening. Because it’s so frustrating to put in time at the gym and not see progress, people slowly lose their motivation. This causes them to work out less and less. Eventually, they fall completely out of the routine they had worked so hard to build up. Continue reading

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Personal Training Tips to Get the Body You Want

personal training omaha_Omaha BarbellThe most common request that personal training professionals hear is that people want to get their body back to the way it was at some point in their life. The second most common request is people want to change the fact that they’ve always been unhappy with their body.

For people in either position, the prospect of being able to get their ideal body by working out at a gym in Omaha may seem next to impossible. The reason both groups often struggle to even imagine having the body they really want is because they feel like the obstacles to reach their goal are simply too large. Continue reading

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5 Omaha Personal Training Tips to Lose More Fat

Omaha personal trainer_Omaha BarbellIf one of your main goals for 2015 is to lose fat, it’s helpful to know what Omaha personal training experts recommend.

While you may ultimately decide that you want to forge your weight loss path on your own, there’s still a lot of value in turning to others for proven advice.

Since losing fat is an uphill battle for many people, Omaha Barbell wants to share five different tips that can ensure you continue making solid progress towards your ultimate goal:

#1: Be Honest with Yourself About Snacking Calories

When it comes to the ideal number of meals you should eat each day, you’ll get multiple answers if you speak to several different Omaha personal training professionals. One reason not everyone is on the same page about this topic is what works extremely well for one individual may not be as effective as others. Continue reading

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Can Leucine Improve Your Omaha Gym Workouts?

Omaha Barbell_Leucine Muscle PharmBeing consistent and committed is essential for anyone who wants to reach their fitness goals. However, as you may have learned from your own Omaha gym experiences, trying to spend an increasing amount of time working out is not a sustainable path to success. As with many things in life, focusing on the quality of workouts can have a bigger impact than trying to maximize quantity.

When someone starts going to a gym in Omaha, losing weight is often their first goal. Once someone starts shedding their additional pounds, they may decide that they want to build muscle or get a truly toned look. The most effective way to pursue either goal is by centering workouts around resistance training. Since a few Omaha personal training sessions can cover how to safely use free weights, there’s no reason to put off starting with this form of exercise. Continue reading

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Personal Training Can Help You Get Your Body Back

personal training_Omaha Barbell (Gym).Countless people look back to a certain point in their life and wonder how their body has changed so much since how it looked at that time. If you wish you could get back the body you used to have, the right type of personal training can turn your dream into a reality.

Since fitness is our business at Omaha Barbell, we have lots of conversations with people about getting in shape. One topic that comes up a lot is whether or not personal training is necessary for someone to reach their fitness goals. And the simple answer to that question is no, it’s definitely not a necessity.

However, there are numerous reasons that quality personal training can play a significant role in enabling someone to get the body they want.

Continue reading

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Say Goodbye to Boring Omaha Gym Workouts in 2015

omaha barbell_gym workoutsThere are many different factors that can impact your motivation to start and stick with a workout routine. One of those factors is what comes to mind when you think about the experience of working out in an Omaha gym. If that thought has negative connotations like boredom, achieving any fitness goal you set for yourself is going to be a major uphill battle.

Since getting and staying in shape already requires a lot hard work, the last thing you want is to put even more obstacles in your way. Fortunately, Omaha Barbell has the solution.

By following the plan we outline below, you’ll find that you start to feel genuinely excited about going to work out at a gym in Omaha! Continue reading

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6 Personal Training Tips to Stay Fit at Work

omaha gym_omaha barbellIn a perfect world, you would be able to wake up at least four days a week and head to a personal training session. However, we know that for most people in Omaha, that’s simply not an option. The reason is most people have to take care of multiple responsibilities in the morning before getting in their car and driving to work. Whether it’s getting your kids ready or taking care of things around your house, having a job takes up quite a bit of time.

While we see on a daily basis just how good people feel when they find time to come by Omaha Barbell after work, we also understand that evening workouts aren’t always possible either. Since there are going to be days when your job and other responsibilities take up all of your time, it’s easy to get in a routine of not doing any personal training sessions or other forms of exercise. Continue reading

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Ladies-How to Avoid Common Omaha Gym Training Mistakes

omaha barbell_women gym mythsWhether you’re a woman who’s been working out for awhile or you’re planning to start doing sessions at our Omaha gym, exercising on a consistent basis is a big step towards achieving your fitness goals. Even if you only have time in your busy schedule to come to Omaha Barbell a few times a week, making an effort week in and week out will put you on the right track.

While consistency is a huge part of fitness success for both men and women, it’s not the only ingredient in the recipe for success. Plenty of women have gone through the experience of hitting a plateau. Although this may just be a regular obstacle that you have to work through, there’s also a chance that it’s the result of a mistake you don’t even realize you’re making. Continue reading

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What You Should Bring to Your Omaha Gym Workout

Omaha GymThe worst feeling when arriving at an Omaha gym is realizing you forgot your gym bag. The second worst thing is forgetting to pack a certain item in your bag, especially if you run out of a product. While stopping at the store is a simple task, if you’re working out prior to heading to your job, making a pit stop is more than likely not an option.

If you’re new to working out at Omaha Barbell (the #1 Omaha gym) or go often but would love to know what other gym members have in their bags, feel free to browse the list below.

While this may seem like a common sense item, many Omaha gym members will often forget simple things like a bra or a pair of clean underwear. Some may think it’s okay to wear the same undies you worked out in, but if you work in close proximity with a co-worker they will appreciate your clean Fruit of the Loom’s. Continue reading

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Omaha Gym Announces 1600 Square Foot Expansion!

omaha gym expanding_omaha barbellThe team at Omaha Barbell are excited to announce that we’re growing! Our Omaha gym is preparing for a 1600 square foot expansion, which means that in the near future there’ll be more room for all the health and fitness activities you love to do with us. This expansion will help us draw in new gym members and further our goals as a gym—to help even more people in the Omaha area find a gym that they can call their second home!

To announce this exciting change for our Omaha gym, the staff at Omaha Barbell want to take some time to remind our current members what makes our gym the best in Omaha, so they can spread the word and help their friends meet their health and fitness goals. Continue reading

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